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Temple Committee

Temple Committee

Our main mission is to build a bigger place of worship that will accomodate the Hindu community. A place of worship where we can  practice the Hindu religious activities on a larger scale.Objectives of our organization are :

  • To provide a facility for religious  and cultural activities for the community.
  • Specific focus of organization is to help preserve and promote Hindu religion,  cultural heritage, traditions and philosophy. This benefits society at a large.
  • To conduct educational programs for children and adults based on Hindu values and traditions.
  • To provide a platform for humanitarian services to the community.
  • To provide spiritual and physical care on a not-for-profit basis


Temple Committee

Temple Committee

Temple Committee


Nand Kishore : Chairman/Director Building Maintanance and food

Pravin Sunil Kumar: Vice Chairman/Director Planning and Development

Dhirvendra Madhukansh : Director of Cultural and Finance 

Nick Khelawan: Director of Community Affairs 

Beerend Chaudhary: Director of Religious Affairs

 Executive Committee: 

Dinesh Lal: President

Subash Chand:  Vice President

Yogendra Maharaj: General Secretary

Kaajal Bautista:Treasurer

Kiran Narayan : Assistant Treasurer​ 

Sulesh Ram Assistant Secretary



Temple Committee


 Pundit: Pramtesh Maharaj 5108614535

Pundit: Durga Prasad Bhatt